Gamebiz II


Strategy game where you have to develop your own video game


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Gamebiz is a turn-based strategy game where your objective is to create a video game from its beginning stages up to its release. Of course, for that you'll have to oversee a software company and manage each of its departments.

To develop your video game you'll have to choose the genre, which platform you'll launch it on, and its name. You can also create or buy an engine for the game, hire employees to help you develop it more quickly, and talk to distributors and your company shareholders.

This process is turn-based, meaning you won't get overwhelmed and can make unhurried decisions, choosing which course of action is best for your game and following through or trying to straighten everything out with layoffs, pay raises, etc.

Gamebiz ll is a comprehensive strategy and management title that gamers will like and fans of turn-based strategy will love. Ideal for people who know which games belong to which studios and who are interested in game development.
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